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Maybe sometimes its a
good thing to stumble, because
there's a better way to stand.
Maybe we need to cry sometimes,
because laughter cannot hide the
, and maybe thats why
we get hurt, in order for us to
pass on the lesson, to teach someone else.


Do you ever just get that feeling where
you donít want to talk to anybody? you
donít want to smile & you donít want
to fake being happy but at the same time
you donít know exactly whatís wrong
either, there isnít a way to explain it to
someone who doesnít already understand.
If you could want anything in the world it
would be to be alone, people have stopped
being comforting, & being alone never was.
At least when youíre alone no one constantly
asks you whatís wrong & there isnít anyone
who wonít take "I donít know" for an answerÖ
you feel the way you do just because. You
hope the feeling will pass soon & that you
will be able to be yourself again, but until
then all you can do is wait.


Sometimes you need to put
the past behind, the saddest aside.
You need to forget everything you
ever felt..your feelings, your thoughts,
everything that was ever there.
Cause you can't get hurt if you
don't even care.


Forget the pain and insecurity,
forget the negative possibility.
Forget the worries and what you
might get. Take the chance with
no regret. Let go of everything
you were afraid of. Take a deep
breath and if it's not what you
want, the pain may kill. But trust
yourself because sweetie, if it's
meant to happen, it will.


I've been thinking a lot lately,
about taking chances and how
its really just about overcoming
your fears because the truth
is, everytime you take a big risk
in your life, no matter how it
ends up, you're always glad
that you took it.


Never take someone for granted. Hold
every person close to your heart because
you might wake up one day and
realize that you've lost a diamond
while you were too busy collecting stones.


Life for you has been less than
kind. So take a number, stand
in line. We've all been sorry, we've
all been hurt but how we survive
is what makes us who we are.


The world is filled with unlikely
friendships, how do they begin?
With one person, desperately in
need, and another willing to lend
a helping hand. When such kindness
is offered, we are finally able to
see the worth of those, we had
previously written off. And before
we know it, a bond has formed,
regardless of whether others can
understand it. Yes, unlikely friendships
start up everyday. No one understands
this more then the lonely. In fact,
its what they count on.


You were something worth
tripping over. I just didn't
know I would fall this hard.


Don't waste your time simply regretting
all your wrongs. Know that in the end
that you'll get what your heart wants.
Try not to risk it all, don't stumble, and
don't fall. Take the time to read the
writings on the wall. Hold your head up
high. Don't be afraid to say goodbye.
Stay true and just be you. Do everything
there is to do. Live life to the fullest
and don't ever look back. There is
a reason for the future and a reason
for the past. Love till it hurts, laugh till
you cry and when your life flashes
before the time you die, be happy for
what you've done. Be happy for what
you've overcome and most of all, be
proud of what you have become.

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