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About Me

I'm Marie-Theres from Austria.

I'm dancing Line Dance since over 5 years.
I began with dancing in September 2003.
I still go to school for 1 and a half year more. It's a school for gastronomy and tourism, this way that i choose at school need 3 years, and now i'm in my 2nd.
I like to go out in the nature, writing what's on my mind, making photo's, have fun with friends, meet new people, help other people.
I can't live without music !
I dance everywhere and to any time. I have one cat, and i live at my mom, my dad lives 3 houses away from me.
I have no brothers or sisters, just one half brother, but i don't know him. I love to learn languages (Dutch, Italians, English, Danish).
The most of my weekends i'm somewhere in Austria for dancing (Workshops with Megastars, Privates, Partys...).
Sometimes it's boring to sit alone in the train for houres.
I love to make sport!!!!
I really like to enjoy a nice day at home, takeing a walk if the sun is shining and listening to my iPod.
And the rest of my time i'm in school or i dance.

Yeah, that's some fact's about me,
if you want to know more, just aks ;-)

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