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i don't care what they say. i'll do it my way.
i'm in love with you and maybe it will last <3

said you don't want to hurt me but with this
sentence you hurt . hurt more than anything else .

we see us everyday
but you don't notice me
you make me feel dispensable
i know you don't care about

just don't understand
where your feelings went ?
i imagined our future together
i thought it could last forever !

i know you'll never love me
i know you don't love me now.
Later i will return to mind
that you're my unhopefull love

every talk makes me happy
every look is a gleam of hope
every touch makes my heart beat faster
every smile, oh i can't describe !

All that girls who love a boy
they would do everything for him!
all that boys who use a girl
why don't you care about her feelings ?

Daddy always told me to stop dreaming
and live my real life.
This was the first time i did not what daddy wants.
'cause i couldn't stop dreaming dreaming of you.

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