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Singer, songwriter, Born on January 31, 1989, in Prishtina, Kosova, as Debatik Dakaj. He was nicknamed DEBA by his friends, hence his artist name. Due to the war in Kosovo, Deba moved to Germany in 1992 with his family. Deba is full of appreciation and proud of his Albanian origin and is regarded as an influential socially-conscious artist. He has inspired many people with his lyrics, which touch upon national and patriotic themes.

DEBA is truly talented in many different aspects. First and foremost he has qualities of an excellent singer, singing mainly Albanian, Hip-Hop, RnB and RAP music. Thus reaching a wider audience with his with unique tone, style and his ability to sing in three different languages: Albanian, German and English. He has established himself as a successful artist !

DEBA is known for his passion and dedication to music. Currently, DEBA is recording his first SOLO ALBUM "TIK TIK BOOM" coming out soon (summer 2007). The album features 9 songs, featuring various talented and well-known artists.

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