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Hello you guys!<3
How are u all? Thank you that you found to my personal blog where I'm writing about news, contacts and events:)
Something about me?
I'm 14 year old girl and I love selena gomez! She's soo cute, lovely and the most beautiful girl in the whole world - she's my idole!
Also i love meeting friends, and i love twitter and my awesome mates out there &#9829;


www.selenagomez.com NEWSFEED

Today I visited Selena's Website and I wanted to get a member of her Fan Club 'The Scene' but it was so complicated that I was so nervous and I didn't get it - so bad!
So, if you can help me getting a member than write me an e-mail, please :)
It would be awesome of you guys if you could help me!
( write me an message on ''contact'' if you wanna help me, and write your help under ''Meine Nachricht'' )

Selena Gomez Does Justin Bieber's Hair Flip :D

Selena Gomez Does Justin Bieber's Hair Flip

This is so absulutly amazing!
I watched Selena's Live Chat yesterday at 7.45 German Time, and I watched and watched and then she did Justin Bieber's Hair Flip - sooo cute! I laughed so hard because it was so funny.
Also, I want you guys to know, that I Gotta Youtube Account where I upload Fan Videos 'bout Selena Gomez! It would be awesome if you guys will check it out: www.youtube.com/user/1selenagomeztoeni

“I wanna say I love you guys so, so much and I say that all the time and I hope it doesn’t get annoying because you guys make me really, really really happy, and if you have my album go back and read the album thank yous because there’s like a this long —— paragraph all for you guys and at the very end it says “I know how awesome you guys are, because it’s what makes me shine” and that’s the honest to god the truth. I appreciate everything you guys do for me and I love you all so much and I hope to go to all the places you’re listing right now, and I hope you have an awesome day, or night or evening wherever you are, God bless. I love you guys!
She's truly the best <3


Selena Gomez Live Chat 10/21/2010
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