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Hi im Tammy.Cai ( Tammy Chelsey M. ) i hope u enjoy my site

Hi im Tammy Chelsey M. im 16 years old and i live in germany this is my superweb site and you can write me .when its polite il write u back :D generelly iam nice to everybody :D a few things who u must know about me : iam vegetarian :), me and my friends to seek amusement at parties , i have two horses her names are sammy & paul and i have a cat with the name carlos ;D my very best girlfriends name is chantalle this girl is crazy :D funny lovely adventorous it makes a lot of fun if we both together to head out !! i love my family my two sisters my mum my dad grandma and grandpa ;D my father is english he comes from wolverhampton midland my mum is german :D so we live in germany the half family is in england much as i love them

schreibt mir in mein gästebuch ; addet mich egal was ihr wollt ich würd mich freuen <33

this fugly slut is a fake :



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