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My name is...

Hey Guys!
My Name is Sabselol and welcome to my page!
It's nothing big, nothing important, just a page where i like to share my pictures, videos and a bit of myself <3

I like ...

I always loved to dance. When i was little i wanted to dance like Shakira, in 8th grade i joined a standard dance club for 2 years, then I started to get into electronic music and learned Jumpstyle.
Together with a good friend of mine, we started to create our own choreos and since 2010 we are teaching them to young pupils on my old school. They just love it and i love all the girls in my group <3

In 2011 I started to miss the time I listened to Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, Hands up and so on. I started to search for music and i found Aggrotech, EBM, Hellectro etc. and I liked it very much!
Then in my home town there was a big Gothic event i joint because of friends, the clothing and the food (yammi!). Then, for the first time i saw Cyber Gothics. I haven't known any of them. And I forgot.
2012 when i searched for new electronic music i found FGFC820's Song Society and the dance video of PongDanceQueen.
I saw the outfit, i realized there is a dance to that kind of music: I WANT
Since April 2012 i officially call myself a Cyber. Just Cyber without Gothic. And that is where i am now. I love the dance really much and i think i became a good dancer in a pretty short time.

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