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plastic zipper

About Wooshi Zipper

Guangzhou Wooshi Zipper Co.,Ltd was founded in 1984,now is located in Qingyuan City,Guangdong Province,¥290 million total investment,more than 1000 workers,103350㎡ clean workshop with thousands of advance facilities and equipment,ISO9001,SGS & OEKO TEX 100 certificates Approval,40mins reach Guangzhou airport,rich experience in the R&D and advanced production technology,this is how we keep good quality and reliable cooperation for global valued customers.

Some treatment methods and prevention of zipper

Zipper generally prone to the following problems:
When dark zipper sewing in light of chlorinated plastics, synthetic leather and containing plasticizer, plasticizing agent and resin coated cloth fabric, in a high temperature and high humidity environment, product term stack storage, easy to color transfer phenomenon (i.e. zipper, zipper teeth, or pull head color transferred to the fabric). Therefore, when in use to pay attention to the following matters:
1, avoid the zipper and oil and other organic solvent contact;
2, the products in ironing finishing, should be fully dry after packaging, avoid high temperature and high humidity environment;
3, should be stored in a layer of paper between the product and the product, to avoid the zipper and fabric for a long time under the condition of non ventilation contact;
4, when washing (especially industrial laundry), zipper should be pulled together, and will pull the head fixed, avoid zipper, chain teeth and other metal pieces of direct friction with the fabric.
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